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Ace parade 10th edition grand tour
25 August - 3 September

London - Bucharest

A DECADE OF ACE PARADE, 2023 brings us 10 years of Ace Parade events!

Starting in 2014, the first Ace Parade Grand Tour was held in Romania and brought together 20 nationalities from all around the world!

The 10th Edition Ace Parade Grand Tour will bring the party back to where it all started and will travel from one side of Europe to another.

Starting in London, UK on 25th of August 2023 the Grand Tour will end in Bucharest, Romania on the 3rd of September 2023.

Ace Parade will bring the ultimate experiences.

Expect drifting, castle parties, racetracks, helicopters, planes and more! 


The 10th Edition will be the ULTIMATE adventure!

More information and events to follow, register your interested below to take part in this unique event!

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