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​Coventry transport museum
breakfast club

2019 sponsorship

 Coventry Transport Museum has appointed, on an exclusive basis, Ace Parade and Bish Bosh PR, to manage and run the 2019

CTM Breakfast Club

bish bosh pr

The man behind Bish Bosh PR, Clive Parker-Skelhon is an award winning PR and Events Manager with 8 years of amazing achievements at Coventry Transport Museum.
Clive launched the Breakast Club in 2012 and is delighted to be back managing the meetings.
Prior to working at Coventry Transport Museum, Clive has worked for the national charity Baby Lifeline and was a full time radio presenter for Mercia FM...the forerunner to Free Radio

breakfast club

Expected  30-70 cars and up to

100 drivers & passengers / event

Ideal location - Millennium Place

Exposure to visitors

Coffee and pastries included for each participant


Bk Club 6 EVENTS 

13 April

18 may


13 July

21 September

19 October

sponsorship benefits

1. Each sponsor will have exclusive access to every car owner at each meeting, and will have the opportunity to demonstrate their product or service.
2. Millennium Place is an exhibition/event area directly in front of the museum, and is only available on application, not used everyday. 
So the Breakfast Club is exclusive to each sponsor. 
3. Each sponsor will be individual, there will not be duplicate sponsors promoting a similar product or service.
4. There will only be a maximum of three sponsors at each Breakfast Club meeting.
5. Each sponsor will be have the qudos of supporting Coventry Transport Museum - which houses the largest collection of British Road Transport in the World.
6. The collection also contains the Richard Noble 'Thrust' World Land Speed Record Cars - Thrust 2 and Thrust SSC, the current World Land Speed Record holder.
7. There will be lots of photo opportunities with the car owners at each meeting.
8. Sponsors can Live Stream via Facebook on Millennium Place as WiFi is widely available.
9. Each sponsor can put up a gazebo (3 × 3 mtrs) on Millennium Place and can enter a car for each meeting.
10. Sponsors can keep any contact information given to them by individual breakfast club members attending a meeting.


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