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Is Ace Parade a Race?

Ace Parade is definitely not a race , it is purely a motoring tour.


What is the entry fee for 2018 Ace Parade Grand Tour - Europe?

The entry fee for the CORE Package is from £499/person

The entry fee for the ZEN Package is from £899/person


Can my team have more or less than 2 members?

Yes. However, contact us using the general enquiry form explaining in detail the exact number of team members willing to take part in the event and their details such as complete name, date of birth, city of residence, occupation and nationality.  You will also be required to inform us with your vehicle manufacturer, vehicle model, year of fabrication, color, engine capacity (cmc) and fuel type.

Can I pay if I do not have an account in british pounds (GBP) ?

YES. You can pay from any bank account in the world which is in any currency. We accept all the major cards such as :

· Visa/Delta/Electron

· MasterCard/ Eurocard

· Maestro

· American Express

We also accept following cryptocurrency payments: Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Stellar and Neo


Is Ace Parade open to everybody?

Yes, we accept any applicants from all around the world. If a VISA is required Ace Parade organizers will give advice and support.

What documents should I bring along the route?

You should have at least your driving license, your ID/passport, your car’s insurance and road tax.  If you are unsure about your car insurance, please check with your Insurance provider if you are covered in the country/ countries we are travelling. If you have any enquiries about the road tax, please do not hesitate to contact us using the general enquiry form.


What cars can participate?

All cars are allowed. However, we advise you to enter the event with a car that is reliable along the route. We encourage all type of cars from classics to supercars and other eccentric cars.


Is there any dress code?

We recommend smart casual for the parties. Along the route we advise you to wear casual - comfortable clothes.


Can I participate in a vehicle which is not petrol or diesel powered?

Yes, you can enter the event with any type of vehicle such as bio-ethanol, LPG, hybrids or electric cars, however, make sure you have the right means of refueling the vehicle.


Will my car be safe during the night?

Our team is working together with all the locations along the route to provide a safe environment for your car.


Where will we be starting and finishing?

The start of 2018 Ace Parade will be Schweinfurt, Germany and the finishing will be in Varazze, Italy.


How old do I need to be?

For safety reasons we allow people who are over 21 years old. However, if you are under 21 and accompanied by your parent you have to contact us using the general enquiry form.  Nobody under 21 years old will be allowed to drive at any time.


Will the stickers damage the paint of my car?

We work with the supplier to ensure that the stickers will not affect the paint when they will be removed. If you have any concerns, please contact us using the general enquiry form providing us with details about your car such as color code and properties of the paint.


Can you have our own sponsors ?

As long as you have all Ace Parade’s official sponsors on your car, you are allowed to add as many sponsors as you want. However, please refer to the terms and conditions. If you are unsure, please contact us using the general enquiry form.


Can I bring pets ?

Unfortunately, no pets are allowed on this occasion. However, if you have a small toy you can bring it along with you.

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