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Welcome to the 6th Edition Ace Parade Grand Tour.

SUMMER 2019 is in full swing and the sun looms over the Swiss mountain ranges, avid drivers take to the mountain passes to test their skill and driving finesse. The sixth edition of the Ace Parade Grand Tour will take a group of drivers to tackle scenic twisty roads and challenging drives in an attempt to reach the perfect harmony between driver and machine. This sixth Grand Tour will be the biggest, most action packed edition yet.

Much like grand tours of olden days, a grand tour was not about the destination, but the journey. Ace Parade’s Grand Tour takes drivers to hand picked locations throughout Europe and invites them to enjoy the best food and activities each city has to offer.

The Grand Tour will visit major landmarks such as the Nurburgring; Schweinfurt where the main leg of the rally will commence with wine tasting at a partnered vineyard; Flugplatz Donauwörth-Genderkingen  where Ace Parade will have exclusive use of an airport runway for drag races, rolling drag races, brake tests, and a slalom time trial course; St. Moritz where you can enjoy tight hairpins and mountain passes, experience Europe’s longest toboggan at Pradaschier; have your cars displayed to the public in the heart of St. Moritz; and finally, Monte Carlo where the adventure will end with a private party to remember.

Now, let's be honest, if you have landed yourself here you probably like the thrill of driving and love the test of a good road. We believe that adventures are not about the destination, but rather the journey. Some of these roads include the Col de Turini, the Julier pass and Lake Como.

The Ace Parade Grand Tour will feature a wide selection of car, from rare Porsches, to Japanese sports cars, to popular hatchbacks.

Celebrating its sixth successful year, the main leg of the Ace Parade Grand Tour will set off from Schweinfurt on 24 August and reach Monaco on 31 August. For those travelling from the UK,  the 'Brit Pack' will be available which starts on 23 August and arrives in Schweinfurt on 24 August.
Additionally, a special leg will be available that takes participants on a 5 day journey from Monte Carlo to Bucharest, Romania.
Make sure to check out all our packages to find out which one best suits you.

Ace Parade’s Grand Tour is open to all that enjoy the thrill of a challenging drive and mingling with likeminded people from a vast array of professions. Ace Parade goes the extra mile to accommodate everyone and offers several packages tailored to suit the needs of participants whether they decide to take this challenge on singlehandedly or with a team; in essence this is a packaged luxury holiday with the best roads in the world. 

What is included?

Luxury accommodation at all overnight stays over 8 nights  

Airport V Max runs and time attack course

Drive the worlds


mountain passes



Col de Turini


and more


Wine tasting experience and Exclusive after party in Monte Carlo

Public displays organised with local governments and car clubs

Memorabilia and media pack for each participant

Full sticker pack with Ace Parade logo and team number

Prizes to be won and memories to be made

Experience the Green Hell 

at Nurburgring 


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